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Who Are Our Customers?

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Personal / Start-Ups / Businesses

Flexible and creative consulting services from the start of the project through to final mass production manufacture.

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Building the mold or other foundational aspects of a product to be part of a value-added supply chain.


Built to exacting specifications, regulations, and on-time.

What’s Our Process?

Step 1. Contact Us

Reach out to our team with your idea or 2D/3D designs for review. We use Solidworks and AutoCAD for design assistance.

step 2: define your project goals

Step 2: Define Your Project Goals

Material requirements, Estimated Annual Usage (EAU), and establish what this project needs to achieve and where it will be used.

step 3: develop design & prototype

Step 3: Develop Design & Prototype

Work with our team of experts to establish and/or finalize designs for the product. Produce prototype(s) to determine viability.

Step 4: Mass Production

Once you reach this point, you are ready to go. Place an order for tooling and production and see your idea become reality.

What Materials & Machines Do We Use?

Mega Lid uses many materials. These are some of the most common ones.



A general-use material, ABS is an opaque plastic that is highly recyclable and great for prototyping. ABS strongly resists corrosive chemicals and physical impacts.



Strong, low friction, and temperature resistant are its key qualities. It has a high temperature resistance that lends to replacement of metal parts so long as physical impact strength is not a requirement.



Rubber-like flexibility, durable, and impact resistant material. This is a common material in medical, automotive, and robotic applications.



Has superior electrical properties and high resistance to acids and bases. It is commonly found in electrical/electronic, appliances, various automotive applications, and many more areas.



Most popularly known for its use as product and food packaging uses. It is fully recyclable, strong, and lightweight.



Excellent mechanical and electrical properties. It is also stain resistant, strong, tough, and stiff.

Mega Lid utilizes only the highest quality plastic injection molding machines from Japan.

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